The First Time you Meet with your Mentor

Each postdoctoral fellow hired in the Department of Mathematics is assigned a faculty mentor. Most mentors will take the initiative of getting in touch with their mentees to arrange for a first meeting, but if your mentor does not, it is your responsibility to contact them.

Agree on expectations

  • Ask how often you and your mentor will be meeting.
  • Ask whether your mentor will be able to observe your teaching. If not, ask to be referred to a person in the department who has volunteered to help with teaching observations.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in your background and discuss with your mentor how he/she can support your professional development efforts.

Discuss your career goals and professional development

  • Tell your mentor what type of job you would like to get after your postdoctoral fellowship.
  • Review the recommended Year 1 Postdoctoral Development plan with your mentor.
    • Identify action items that can be taken care of immediately and those for which you will need more time.

If you need help, do not hesitate to ask

  • Your mentor can provide professional development advice and guidance.
  • Your mentor can answer questions you may have about the university or the department.
  • Your mentor can describe our undergraduate curriculum and help you identify courses you may want to teach.
  • Your mentor can refer you to colleagues in the department who can help with research, teaching, and outreach activities.
  • Your mentor can describe the various seminars we have in the department.